The Color Guard meets daily in 7th period with its enrichment period being 6th. Both are under the instruction of Jenna Mowad. The Color Guard is part of the Pride of Bryan Marching Band. The Color Guard is made up of 9th-12th grade students who serve as the non-musical section that provides additional visual aspects to the performance. The color guard utilizes equipment, props, and movement to express dynamic passages within the show music.  During the winter season, the guard participates in its own indoor season known as winter guard. The purpose of the Color Guard is to interpret the music that is being played via the synchronized spinning of flags, sabers, rifles, and through dance.

The Color Guard performs at all BHS pep rallies, varsity football games, marching contests, and community events. During the winter guard season, the color guard travels across Texas to compete in the TCGC and WGI circuit competitions. Due to the Texas No Pass, No Play Law, students must earn passing grades for all classes at the end of the six weeks grading period. Students not meeting the grading requirements will not be eligible to participate in before and after-school events. There are many events that occur throughout the school year that pertain to the color guard.  Please view the calendar and refer back to the website to stay updated with the color guard/marching band calendar.

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